Competitive Advantages

First Competitive Advantage: END OF WASTE


Sacal S.p.A. achieved the first ISO 14001:2004 certification on the 6th of october 2013 for the environmental management system, in relation to its production activity of primary and secondary aluminum alloys, through scrap grinding and selection, secondary smelting, refining and casting.

Simar S.p.A. in relation to its copper production activity in blister through scrap recovery, melting process, casting and slagging, achieved its first ISO 14001:2004 certification on the 7th of april 2013.

From the environmental significance also follows the economic value of the scraps recovery containing aluminum and copper not only for the individual subject, but also for the community. The benefit is given by the fact of being able to have, from recycling and recovery, not waste but a product which, as such, can return to the market creating value on behalf of the economic system and therefore of the community in general.

Ultimately, through the fusion, refining and slagging processes, Sacal and Simar transform waste into materials that can be reusable in the economic cycles, thus, in defence to the key principles of the Circular Economy, contributing to reducing the consumption of virgin raw materials and the amount of waste intended for disposal.


Thanks to a high and specific technological know-how, the Group, compared to its competitors, has the unique ability to propose and activate accurate plant solutions to adapt them to the processing of the treated materials, as well as to provide ‘in-house’ maintenance of the same.
In this regard, the Group has in program to invest in new plants and machinery, allowing an increase in production capacity in the short term upon completion of the recycling and recovery chain.


The Group dedicates important resources to research and development activities in order to increase its competitive advantage.

Sacal is committed to R&D activities especially in the context of energy saving, which is a delicate issue and a goal of primary importance for the business, and in the optimization of the search for alloy recipes.

Simar has started an important R&D activity in the technological area related to the copper refining activity, which consists in the study and realization of a metallurgical process of greater energy efficiency and quality improvement. In addition, in the zinc area, the company has been able to consolidate and make use of the applied research activities carried out in previous years on zinc laminate of its own production. With regards to the surface treatment of laminates, thanks to the studies carried out, it has been possible to reach a standard process able to fully satisfy the market demands (Zintek® brand products).

Fourth Competitive Advantage: REAL ESTATE ACTIVITIES

The Group’s real estate activities represent a success story. They not only make a significant contribution to profits, but also provide a solid guarantee to third-party creditors. In addition, this activity reinforces the group in terms of financial solidity.

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