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Real Estate Funds


Cordifin has defined, as its development strategy in the real estate sector, to operate through specialized real estate funds by selling and/or contributing to such funds the properties owned by the Group, excluding industrial properties.

The “Club Deal” Fund, an Italian “reserved” fund managed by DeA Capital Real Estate SGR S.p.A., was set up in 2009 through two contribution operations with the contextual taking over of existing loans from the Fund’s current shareholders.

The Fund, with a duration of 12 years, invests directly or indirectly in building land and/or real estate without any particular constraints on the nature and destination of the same, located in Italy. The Fund, due to the nature of the real estate contributed, has become specialised in the residential sector, carrying out the restructuring of the property units, the relative divisions and the subsequent sale and thus enhancing the value of the property assets.

As of 30/06/2020 the Fund holds real estate assets of approximately e 63.6 million with a Loan To Value of approximately 20.56% and a NAV (Net Asset Value) of e 57.2 million.

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